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2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback offers comfortable, spacious and cheap to run family transport

2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback engine

Impressive engines let down by lifeless steering and lots of body roll

If you’re expecting the 2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback to be awful to drive simply because it’s cheap, then you’re in for a bit of a shock. While it’s never going to win any prizes, the engines in particular do perform quite well – especially the 900cc TCe, which accelerates pretty fast for such a low-powered engine. The 1.5-litre dCi is smooth, quiet and is more than capable of holding its own on long motorway journeys. However, the entry-level 1.2-litre petrol engine can be a bit wheezy and feel underpowered when you have to pull out of junctions. The Sandero is quiet and relaxing on the move, thanks to its soft suspension and good sound insulation, but the price you pay for all of that is lots of body roll through the corners, especially when driving at higher speeds, so its probably best to just take things slow and steady. The steering is heavy and indirect, too, but traction control, ABS and four airbags are all included as standard, so you’re not left entirely out in the wind.

2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback comfortable

Avoid the basic models if you value comfort and convenience

For such a cheap price, the 2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback was never going to be the most comfortable car on the market. So, you might find yourself being rolled from side to side when driving through the corners, but as long as you keep the Sandero in a straight line, then the soft suspension makes good work of absorbing the bumps in the road. The seats are soft and have just enough support to keep front passengers relatively firmly in place, while three adults can squeeze across the rear bench – something that can’t be said for similarly priced city cars. Unless you don’t mind a complete lack of comfort and convenience features, we’d avoid the base model (which doesn’t even include a radio) and look further up the range.
interior dashboard 2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback seating Dacia Sandero hatchback 2013
interior dashboard 2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback seating

2013 Dacia Sandero hatchback reliability

For second-hand buyers, the Sandero will be a revelation

2005 Citroen C1 4 Star NCAP occupant crash safety rating

2005 Citroen C1 4 Star NCAP occupant crash safety rating.

New look for 2009 announced 4-11-2008, with new nose, slightly better economy and slightly lower emissions. There are new wheels and trims whilst inside there are new upholstery and materials. The 1.0i 68hp petrol engine now emits 106g/km CO2 and offers 63.8mpg combined.
Prices for 2009m facelift announced 8-1-2009:
VT 1.0i 12V 68hp 3Dr 106 g/km CO2 £7,595.00
VT 1.0i 12V 68hp 5Dr 106 g/km CO2 £7,945.00
VTR 1.0i 12V 68hp 3Dr 106 g/km CO2 £8,095.00
VTR 1.0i 12V 68hp 5Dr 106 g/km CO2 £8,445.00
VTR 1.4HDi 55hp 5Dr 109 g/km CO2 £9,395.00
2005 Citroen C1 Splash launched 17-1-2009 in new colours of metallic Electra Blue or Lipizian White. Has custom coloured door mirrors; Lipizan White models feature metallic black mirrors and the Electra Blue will have white door mirrors. 62.8 mpg on combined cycle, CO2 emissions of 106g/km and group 1 insurance make it the ideal city car. At under 111g/km CO2 it qualifies for 100% first year write-down when bought as a company car. The C1 Splash is based on the new 1.0i 68hp VT model and is available from £7,345, including a generous £800 cashback offer.
5-1-2010: New VTR+ trim level for 2010, directly replacing the previous VTR models. VTR+ trim provides enhanced standard specification in the form of a highly attractive ‘Leather Pack’, which includes part leather/part Alcantara® upholstery, leather steering wheel and gear knob, as well as shiny black interior touches. Also come equipped with front lateral airbags and Isofix child seat anchorage points on the rear seats. Optional ‘Safety Pack’ is available with ESP and curtain airbags. Rear seats are 50:50 split/folding and, for extra comfort, air conditioning is available as an option.
Citroen C1 2012 5 2005 Citroen C1 Pedestrian friendly 4 Star NCAP rating
Citroen C1 2012 5
Production of the 2005 Citroen C1 Splash Special Edition continues during 2010. Splash models offer air conditioning, remote central locking and front electric windows. Choice of with two body colours and custom coloured door mirrors; Lipizian White models feature metallic black mirrors and the Electra Blue metallic cars have white door mirrors.
The 2005 Citroen C1 range available with a low cost, fixed price Servicing Package priced at just £199 (inc. VAT) – this covers all recommended and scheduled servicing, and brake fluid replacement for up to 3 years/35,000 miles.
Elect 3 finance with a highly competitive 5.9% APR is available on most C1 models until 31st March 2010.

2014 Kia Quoris is the Korean manufacturer’s new flagship saloon

2014 Kia Quoris offers vast amounts of interior room for even the tallest of occupants in the front or back. It is clearly a car designed for driving or being driven in, and there’s also a sizeable boot.
2014 Kia Quoris K9 front view 2014 Kia Quoris
2014 Kia Quoris K9 front view
Another plus point is the amount of equipment and technology the Quoris is offered with, although not all of the gizmos come as standard. There’s a TFT instrument cluster, 9.2in monitors for the rear passengers, a head-up display, adaptive cruise control, adaptive front lights, seats that can be adjusted in a dizzying array of combinations and a multitude of safety-related features, such as a four-camera around-view monitor that’s particularly useful when squeezing into parking spaces on city streets.
Even with plenty of kit, the overall cabin ambience isn’t a match for German rivals. The quality of the plastic toggles, buttons and switches doesn’t look or feel as plush, even if there are loads of them in both the front and back.Nevertheless, it is extremely comfortable, with cosseting air suspension – standard on high-spec models – capably soaking up the bumps; and the lack of noise intrusion into the cabin is very impressive too.
engine 2014 Kia Quoris K9 2014 Kia Quoris
engine 2014 Kia Quoris K9
Our drive through the permanently congested centre of Seoul offered few opportunities to exploit the full power of the 3.8-litre V6, although it did prove capable of shifting away from traffic lights with a pleasing amount of gusto. Ultimately, the Quoris is tuned for comfort and not dynamic prowess. The steering is numb and the car has a tendency to wallow rather than waft around corners.

vw touareg 2.5 tdi review With a V10 diesel heading the Touareg line-up

vw touareg 2.5 tdi review With a V10 diesel heading the Touareg line-up, the vw touareg 2.5 TDi’s got as much chance of making headlines as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political opponents. But, unsurprisingly, the price of vw touareg 2.5 tdi  is £28,600 option – nearly half the price of the V10 – is the one most likely to populate UK roads.
So half the price, but half the engine – literally – as it’s an in-line five-cylinder version of the 5.0-litre V10, sharing its basic architecture and the pumpe düse injection system. In this bisected form it produces 172bhp, optimised at 3500rpm, while 1500rpm lower down the rev range you get the full 295 lb ft slug of torque.
The Volkswagen touareg 2.5 tdi is a luxury sport-utility with a rare blend of highway composure, refinement, and impressive off-highway capability. Touareg offers a choice of a V6 gas engine or V6 diesel.
Notable options include a touch-screen navigation system that comes with a multi-function color display, a choice of two upgraded stereos, and active Bi-Xenon headlights. Walnut interior trim and Bluetooth connectivity are standard on 2010 Touareg models. The V8-powered version is no longer available.
vw touareg 2.5 tdi  offers five-passenger seating. Like the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz ML, the Touareg eschews a third row of seats for five-passenger space in a compact package.
The V6 diesel TDI engine is aimed more at economy than performance, and is emissions-certified in all 50 states; in cities where the air is really bad the TDI’s exhaust will be less toxic than the air going in. All Touareg models use a six-speed automatic transmission and full-time four-wheel drive.
Protected by a rigid structure and full suite of airbags and electronic safety systems, the Touareg cabin is inviting, involving, and efficient. There are more thoughtful touches than you’ll notice at first glance, yet the learning curve is quick, the controls not daunting, and comfort remains high even after hours on the road, or off it.
Touareg is a genuinely capable four-wheel-drive vehicle. It takes to trails like you wouldn’t believe. Its combination of clearance angles, gearing, fording depth and suspension travel compares to that of the recognized benchmark vehicles in the class, none of which offer a 25-mpg diesel.
Back on the highway the Touareg has a Teutonic feel, with smoothness imparted by precision and not softness. It cruises effortlessly regardless of road condition, and belies its heft on winding roads. A sports car it isn’t, but you could make a dynamic argument for an inclement weather Grand Touring vehicle.
If you like the Volkswagen Touareg but need a third row of seats at the expanse of some off-road capability, check out the Audi Q7; it uses a stretched version of the same basic structure.
Touareg was launched as a 2003 model and revised for 2008. For 2010, there are no major changes. An all-new Touareg will be launched as a 2011 model.

vw touareg 2.5 tdi Review Interior

interior vw touareg 2.5 tdi review vw touareg 2.5 tdi review handles well enough and is solidly built
interior vw touareg 2.5 tdi review
Opening a vw touareg 2.5 tdi door makes a good first impression, as the door itself conveys that feeling of pinpoint-balanced heft and quality and the cabin only reinforces the notion. Few things here appear little or lightweight, from the big T-handle shifter in a wide console to the fairly large steering wheel suitable for a long-distance cruising yacht.