Friday, 17 January 2014

1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 is a Reminder of Italy’s Finest

While Alfa Romeo is gearing up (for the past…10 years) to become a global premium carmaker with the help of all-new products like the upcoming rear-wheel-drive Giulia sedan, it’s good to take a trip back in time to see a bit of the Milan-based carmaker's fabulous heritage.

In 1962, Alfa Romeo launched the Giulia sedan, along with the Giulia Sprint (coupe) and Giulia Spider (roadster). The latter two models were actually rebadged and updated versions of earlier Giulietta models, featuring 1.6-liter engines instead of 1.3-liter units. The Giulia Spider also had a performance version called Veloce (Italian for fast), and that’s exactly the type of car featured in the latest episode from Petrolicious.

The following video serves as a reminder of Alfa Romeo’s special place in the history of the automobile, and it’s also a pleasant way to find out what an automotive work of art like the Giulia Spider is like to own and to drive.


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