Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Elephant Violently Attacks VW Polo at Safari Park, Pays With its Life…

You really need to dig deep inside to try and pick who was at fault in the recently reported case of a pissed off elephant violently attacking a car in a South African safari park last month.

More specifically, a British schoolteacher and her fiancé were driving through the Kruger National park, when they stumbled across an elephant strolling along the unpaved road, and by doing so they very quickly angered the giant tusked mammal which turned around and in mere seconds turned the blue old-gen VW Polo into scrap.

One of his tusks apparently also wounded the male occupant. However, both were lucky, as the elephant concentrated on destroying the rear part of the hatchback, which even trampled while in rage-mode.

The animal was later tracked down and killed, with park rangers explaining that the male specimen was looking to reproduce and therefore its testosterone levels were high (around 60 times higher than normal), hence the violent behavior – it was deemed too dangerous to leave on the loose with all those tourists driving by and taking photos…

So, who was at fault here? The tourists, the rangers, the elephant, all or none? In parts of the world where people more peacefully coexist with the elephants (especially of the Indian variety), they usually put the animals in chains when they get the feeling and just wait until they calm down - it's not necessarily humane, but it beats a bullet to the head.

Check out the video below.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: YouTube via Gawker


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