Friday, 17 January 2014

Nissan Has Plans to Double Sports Car Range in Coming Years

Nissan’s Andy Palmer recently announced on the sidelines of the Detroit motor show that the Japanese manufacturer was on track to double its sports car range in the next few years, up from two to four models. The plan is to have new versions to replace the current GT-R and 370Z, as well as a couple of additional cars, previewed by the two IDx and Bladeglider concepts.

Palmer was quoted as saying:

“The IDx will be at one end of the spectrum and the Bladeglider at the other, and in the middle we will have a lower-end sports car and a new GT-R. With the GT-R, we will do a renewal each year and there will be a new one. It will retain the mechanical look of the current car, but with more of the cues from the latest Nissan design. It will still be very aggressive."

In regards to the successor to the 370Z, he said that its powertrain had already been lined up and that it would employ smaller displacement and turbocharging. “There will be normal and Nismo versions” too, he said. The Bladeglider would be a full-electric vehicle, while the production IDx’s possible powertrain choices have already been detailed.

The move on Nissan’s part was reportedly prompted by the strong response they got from the two concepts and the desire from within the company to “find a way of re-engaging with youth who are not interested (in driving and getting their license) at all. I don't want to make these cars attractive to me but to them," according to Palmer.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Just-Auto


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