Friday, 17 January 2014

Did Ticket-Free Cecilia Abadie Take These Google Glass Videos and Shots While Driving?

Now this could become a little awkward for Cecilia Abadie, who was just cleared for driving while wearing Google Glass in California because there was not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the she had them turned on when stopped by an officer last October.

After we reported about the story of a California judge dismissing the ticket she received in October, we looked at her Google Plus and YouTube pages where we found some interesting pictures and videos shot with Google Glass.

Now, while there's no question whether the photos depict Google Glass with apps running behind, we can't be absolutely sure that Abadie, a software developer in profession, is the one wearing them in all instances. For example, the second video contains a slideshow with a collection of photos shared from other drivers around the world.

She does have one video on YouTube, believed to show herself and a friend driving and recording in what looks to be a Toyota Prius, with the same car appearing in one of the two shots tagged #throughghlass. In that image, we can be certain it's her because she commented the following: "I just received a message from Noble while driving. Can't wait to see what you're on to!"

The other picture, which is from a different vehicle, taken on October 10, 2013, is featured next to her profile photo. If you're wondering, she was ticketed while driving Interstate 15 near Aero Drive on October 29.

We don't know the exact workings of Google Glass, which were handed out to some 30,000 beta testers called "explorers" before they become widely available to the public later this year, but do keep in mind that, most devices of this kind usually track and keep a history of use.

As previously reported, the legal framework remains murky at this time and it really depends on the officer and the state laws whether Google Glass wearers behind the wheel should be stopped, warned or ticketed.

What do you think about the use of Google Glass and other types of wearable devices when driving a vehicle or a motorcycle? Do you feel comfortable knowing that drivers may be using Google Glass apps on the road, and is it worse or better than cell phones? If you want my initial opinion on the matter, I believe this is an important safety issue that certainly needs to be discussed and carefully and comprehensively studied. Share your thoughts in the comments that follow.

By John Halas

Screenshots: CeciliaAbadie/Google Plus




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