Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nissan Boss Says "We Will Build" Sport Sedan Concept

Well folks, if you liked the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept that's on display at the Detroit motor show, we have good news, and we'll get straight to the point by sharing the words of company Executive Vice President, Andy Palmer, who had this to say about the four-door study:

"We will build this car and it won't be that different from the concept car. When we bring a concept car like this we are obviously testing the reaction. Obviously you want to deliver the best that you can," said Palmer.

"We're interestingly on the cusp of a very interesting shift with the so called Gen Z, the 17-year-olds of today. By the time some of those potential concepts come to market, they will be the customers, and they think differently from the previous generation," he added.

Now, we won't blame you for being skeptical as we're often mislead by carmakers when it comes to concept and production cars, but let us remind you that Nissan is the same company that dared with the Juke and even more so with the GT-R-powered Juke R, so we're not going to be judgmental, at least not just yet.

Fred Diaz, Senior Vice President of Nissan, said that sport sedans are deeply ingrained in Nissan's heritage and that prospective buyers will appreciate the concept's aggressive design.

"When you look at how gorgeous that vehicle is, the lines, the styling of that vehicle inside and out, the interior and exterior, I think it's definitely a halo and a huge kudos for our brand and our brand image and our relevance in the marketplace," said Diaz.

Unless Nissan surprises us with a different model, the concept should transform into the next Maxima.




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