Friday, 17 January 2014

Caterham Announces Best Export Sales Year Ever

UK-based Caterham Cars, the makers of that famous trackday favorite, the Seven, have just announced a surge in their exports for the past year of 2013. They report sales to other markets as having accounted for 61 percent of the yearly total – it is their best such performance to date.

While not giving the exact number of cars shifted outside the UK, it’s over 300 examples, most of which have gone to France (a third), then Japan, Switzerland and some to the US – Stateside sales are expected to rise a lot more in 2014 and coming years as the manufacturer will take active steps to further develop the market.

According to David Ridley, the British brand’s CCO, “Caterham’s ethos - to deliver accessible fun – is well-known by the motoring public in the UK, but we are now applying that philosophy across Europe and beyond."

"It’s satisfying to see consistent demand in our established markets like France, Japan and the USA, and it’s also very encouraging to see a growing demand from our new territories. Our on-going participation in Formula One is, in part, to thank for our growing global brand awareness,” he added.

The Seven range starts at £14,995 in the UK or €19,995 on mainland Europe not including local taxes. The cheapest model is the newly-introduced Seven 165.

By Andrei Nedelea



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