Friday, 17 January 2014

Mayor Boris Johnson Takes a Ride in New Range-Extender Cab Proposed for London

Thankfully, the seemingly Mitsuoka-styled Nissan London Cab won’t be the only way for future tourists and locals to travel the city, as it will not be the sole next-gen taxi to be used. The new Metrocab, that borrows its name and shape from the old British-built Metrocab (1987 – 2000), is a range extender that has been in the works since 2007.

Developed by UK-based Frazer-Nash subsidiary Ecolive Ltd., it uses two electric motors driving the wheels at the back, plus a petrol engine of unspecified capacity to top up the battery when almost out of power. It will be even cleaner than the Nissan NV200, with its 1.6-liter petrol engine, offer seating for six and excellent all-round visibility for all passengers (including a panoramic glass roof).

Moreover, its looks are nowhere near as ridiculous as those of the bug-eyed Japanese van and actually kind-of work as a design proposal that also serves more of a practical role (of being cavernous inside).

Reports suggest that it could hit 75+ mpg UK (62.5 mpg US or 3.76 l/100km).

The video posted below shows the current mayor of London, Boris Johnson, having a go in one of these new Metrocabs that are said to begin working trials this month, and getting the tour from those who created it.

Check it out by scrolling down to after the virtual jump.

By Andrei Nedelea


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