Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Michelin Debuts New Tires that Improve with Age in Detroit, Guarantees 60,000 Miles

We know that wine gets better with age, but tires? Well, that's what Michelin promises. The French company claims to have developed a new technology called EverGrip that allows tires to not only maintain, but also improve their grip as they wear down.

Michelin's first tire to be offered with this new technology that allows the company to guarantee 60,000 miles of life, is the Premier A/S and it made its world premiere today at the Detroit Auto Show.

The new tires with EverGrip tech are made from a proprietary rubber compound with extreme amounts of silica and sunflower oil, while featuring a new tread design that expands the rain groves as the tire wears down, instead of getting narrower as on traditional tires. In addition, these tires feature a second set of 150 grooves along the shoulder that remain hidden when new and surface when the tire becomes worn.

“With our truly revolutionary advancements in tire technology, we are able to directly address the effects of tire wear on traction and have been able to break the traditional paradigm.” said Scott Clark, COO of Michelin North America

The new Michelin Premier A/S with EverGrip will go on sale in the States in April, initially available in 32 sizes (185/65R15 – 245/45R18), at a small premium over the brand's regular offerings, with global sales likely to follow later on.




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