Friday, 17 January 2014

Low Rider or Broken Rider? Squatted Lada is Unfit for Dagestan Village

Hey, there's nothing wrong with lowering the stance of your car even if you decide to follow Japanese extremes, as this is purely a subjective matter of personal preferences and taste, but if you're going to go that way, you just might want to take into consideration the condition of the roads you'll be rolling around on.

The owner of this low-riding Lada from a village somewhere in Dagestan, which is a federal subject (a republic) of Russia, found that out the rathe, hard way…

To the amusement of the lad holding the camera, he had to remove the front bumper and lay some wooden planks on the ground to get the vehicle moving up the dirt road.

Watch how it played out for yourself in the following video.


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