Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chevrolet to Skip ZR1 Model for Corvette Stingray C7, or will it?

With the new Corvette Z06 pumping out higher output numbers on a lighter chassis than the previous ZR1, we were feeling all tingly inside about the possibility of a super Corvette with supercar-crushing performance stats, until Autoblog.com came to ruin the fun stating that we shouldn't expect a new "halo" ZR1 version, after speaking to Tadge Juechter, chief engineer on the C7.

Juechter reportedly told the website that the upcoming 2015 Z06 is the only range-topping model "currently" on the table for the C7. While it won't be a devastating development since the Z06 is everything the older ZR1 was and then some more, we're not going to close the lid on this story - just yet.

Why? Well, if Juechter did indeed use the word "currently", then we could see a ZR1 coming out later in the life of the C7, and it would make sense, as Chevrolet surely wants to keep the Z06 in the limelight, especially since it's not due for release yet, without the ZR1 taking the spotlight away.

And it’s not like reports of this kind haven't been wrong before – remember Autoblog.com's story (which we questioned at the time) on the dual-clutch transmission-only BMW M4 citing "a well-placed source"?


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