Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Company Proposes the Google Glass of Motorcycle Helmets

One of the coolest pieces of tech I've seen this year is the Skully motorcycle helmet. It makes glancing at the mirrors a thing of the past, because now you get a direct feed from a rear-facing camera mounted at the back of the helmet, which is played on a tiny translucent display placed just below your right eye.

It not only sounds good and useful in theory, but it works in practice too, as one writer from CNET found out when he tried out one of the first prototype helmets.

The final verdict is that there really is something there, but at its current estimated cost of $3,000, it has little chance of making it on the market, even if it can also give you direction or play music via voice control.

It could even be banned by health and safety offices as it’s discovered to give you some kind of terrible eye muscle twitch disease after prolonged use…

The plan is to ship them out sometime this year, but it didn’t sound awfully convincing when they said it…

Scroll down and check out the full video below.

By Andrei Nedelea


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