Thursday, 16 January 2014

Chilling Junior WRC Fiesta Crash will Bring NSFW Words Out of You

This video footage from a crash that occurred during the Sigdalsrally in Norway this past weekend is a testament to the safety provided by modern day racing cars. Nonetheless, it has the ingredients to scare the bejesus out of the most professional of drivers…

Junior-WRC pilot Marius Aasen and co-driver Marlene Engan were speeding through the snow during the rally when they hit a bump at "approximately 150km/h" (93mph), which sent their racing Ford Fiesta into a crazy roll over (we counted at least four complete turns in the video) before it landed upside down in a frozen river.

As scary as it looks, the car kept the two young men safe and sound, and they were able to get out and reach the river bank virtually unharmed.

"Here is a video from our really bad crash in Sigdalsrally this weekend!," wrote Aasen on his Facebook page. "Unfortunately, there is nothing left of the car, but I'm glad the safety in the car is good, and we both are ok"

Now the team is looking to get their vehicle back to racing form. "There is not much left of the car, and this is how it looks like at the moment," said Aasen. "We are working hard to get back into a rallycar."




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