Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bentley Reveals Europe-Exclusive Mulsanne Birkin Edition

Bentley has just revealed a unique version of its Mulsanne flagship, one that is aimed specifically for the European market. Taking its name from one of the original Bentley Boys, Tim Birkin, the Mulsanne Birkin is a limited edition model of which only 22 will ever be built.

It’s available in three color variants called Ghost White, Damson and a two-tone combination of Fountain Blue and Dark Sapphire.

Naturally, this will not be the only aspect that sets this apart from regular Mulsannes and the first thing that comes to mind here are the unique numbered plaques on the door sills, special 21-inch rims that bear a strong resemblance to the original concept car, plus 3D Flying B logos embossed in the headrests and some of the wood trim of the front fascia; the rear wooden picnic tables get it too…

Bentley will also throw in a custom luggage set with each of the 22 cars, though, to be fair, while it does look good and is perfectly designed to occupy all of the trunk space available, you might come off as a bit of a pompous snob if you actually use them…

In terms of tech and gadgets, Bentley's release reads: “The Entertainment Specification offers a luxurious and comfortable space to work or relax (in the back) while on the move.  Each car features exquisitely-packaged twin 8" LCD screens in the rear of the seat headrests, a DVD player, a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Naim for Bentley premium audio system and iPads integrated into the hand-crafted solid wood picnic tables.”

By Andrei Nedelea



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