Friday, 17 January 2014

A Digital Interpretation of What a Dacia Coupe Could Look Like

While the rumors of a possible sporty two-door built by Renault’s Romanian arm, Dacia, have died down, being dismissed and criticized almost as soon as they were launched, that has absolutely no relevance in the world of PhotoShop.

Digital manipulator of automotive photos X-Tomi has taken it seriously and has created a stylish if slightly exaggerated interpretation of the idea.

Starting off with the plain Logan Sedan, he removed the doors, changed the flanks, bumpers and side skirts, before finishing it off with a set of rims (the over-the-top part of the proposal). Those familiar with the shape will also spot the shorter and wider tail lights and more pronounced boot lid spoiler too.

It does kind-of work looking at these renderings, but do you think this would ever sell? It would surely be a hit in its home market, but I don’t think it would not be particularly sought-after elsewhere…

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: X-Tomi



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