Friday, 27 December 2013

A Documentary on the UK's Fast & Furious Drivers

In the UK, if your car is louder than everybody else’s and the paint scheme you’ve chosen still blinds you at night, then you will be branded a “boy racer.” It’s a vague term that does in no way justice to the depth of car culture going on in the country, as the Vice documentary posted below tries to illustrate.

It goes straight into the action, and follows a group of boy racers and their cars, as they cruise the British road network at night, trying to blow off steam and show off their unique creations; not all are tasteful, but there are definitely good examples of tuning too.

Naturally, the police see it as a bad phenomenon that needs to be stopped, though the two representatives of the force followed around for the purpose of the documentary seem to be open-minded fellows who get the scene and don’t futilely target those who are not a danger, knowing the vagueness of the boy racer term.

They are aware that it encompasses a wide range of types, from working, law-abiding citizens who just want to floss in their tricked out Scooby for a few hours on the weekends, maybe do a doughnut in a parking lot, to those who have a complete disregard for their well-being and the safety of others, driving like lunatics through traffic.

Scroll down and check it out.

By Andrei Nedelea


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