Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mazda's New JDM Flair Mini Crossover Looks Mighty Familiar…

We could ask you to find the differences between the Suzuki Hustler Concept from the recent 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and the newly announced production Mazda Flair Crossover, but we'll just save you the trouble and tell you that there are none – unless you place any worth in badges.

Scheduled to go on sale in Japan at the end of January 2014, the pint sized Flair is a tall-riding "Kei car" with five doors, available two-tone paint jobs and plastic moldings on the bumpers and wheel arches to create the allusion of an SUV.

It can be had with a choice of two CVT-paired 660cc (0.66-liters) engines with or without turbocharging in both FWD and AWD layouts, delivering a fuel economy of up to 29.2 km/l (equal to 68.7 mpg US, 82.5 mpg UK and 3.4l/100km).

Mazda said it's targeting monthly sales of 500 units, with prices in Japan ranging from 1,285,200 to 1,607,550 yen (US$12,300 to US$15,400).



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