Friday, 27 December 2013

Renault Shows Off its Self-Driving Tech Called PAMU

Nissan’s knowhow in the field of autonomous driving tech was bound to trickle down to group partner Renault, as the symbiosis between the two is very strong.

The rhombus manufacturer chose a Fluence ZE all-electric sedan, which it filled with electronic wizardry that made the PAMU system possible.

The name stands for Advanced Urban Mobility Platform and to me, it sounds a lot like the one Volvo demonstrated some time ago via a self-parking V40 – they are calling it a valet service.

Exactly how it works can be seen in the video posted below, though, I don’t really know how scripted everything was, and whether it needed extra preparation like the Mercedes autonomous drive or not.

Either way, it shows Renault’s future intentions to venture into this section of the market among the first, even if it’s currently lagging behind the pack a bit in terms of active safety systems like autonomous emergency braking or active cruise control.

By Andrei Nedelea




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