Monday, 30 December 2013

Unbelievable Russian Car Chase Will Leave You Rolling On the Ground Laughing

In all seriousness now, you just can't make all this stuff up! And while the opening snap-shot from the video showing a weapon-wielding man slipping on the roof of a minivan that had just been driven off the road suggests a deadly confrontation, we can assure you that it's more comedy than tragedy…

Filmed in the eastern part of Russia from the dashboard camera of a following vehicle that was not involved in the incident, it begins with a Toyota Camry chasing what looks like a Mazda MPV.

The Camry driver pulls up several times in front of the minivan, and jumps out of his car to attack the Mazda motorist with what you may initially perceive as a gun, but turns out it was a knife of some sort.

What happens towards the end of the footage is simply put; rib-tickling. See for yourself below.

Shout out to Falco for the submission!


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