Thursday, 26 December 2013

Shotgun Ride in Porsche Macan Discovers On- and Off-Road Capabilities

Porsche’s new sub-Cayenne SUV, the Macan, makes no sense from a monetary value standpoint, as in its current form, it’s priced at the same level as the larger SUV. However, with its Audi Q5 platform underneath, more pleasing aesthetics, better efficiency and all-round capability it’s not necessarily a good idea to dismiss it.

Autocar was recently treated to a shotgun ride in the new Macan, on courses that put both its on- and off-road credentials to the test. What surprised us was just how easily it went up steep muddy and rocky inclines without a hitch, going back down again through the use of hill descent control – a must-have in this class and price bracket.

Street behavior is also promised to be of the excellent kind, and given the manufacturer’s excellent track record in this area, we believe what’s said in the video about it being agile and easy to thread through corners at speed; it’s also praised for its stability too.

Check out the video after the virtual jump, but don’t go thinking it’s a review, because it’s not.

By Andrei Nedelea


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