Thursday, 26 December 2013

Loma PhotoShop Teases New Corvette Stingray GT7 Widebody Tune

Loma, a Barcelona, Spain based tuner with a presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Miami and New York in the USA, says it prides itself for being a "different" tuner than most other companies in the field, while making some bold and aggressive claims (see an extract after the jump), among which there's a mention about "renderings" that don't make it into the market.

Amusingly, if we're not grossly mistaken, Loma's teaser for the upcoming GT7 Widebody kit for the new Corvette Stingray C7 is also a Photoshop, though the Spanish company says it will be released in the future.

For those C7 owners that want something right now, Loma says it offers a selection of wheels that are displayed in the following gallery. A funny thing about the three alloy wheel pictures is that all of them appear to have been…photoshoped (based on images from, MotorTrend and a press image).

[From Loma PR]

  • We are not like some other companies that live only from Renderings which will never make it to the market. Or do you remember how many Concept cars made it to serial production?
  • We are also not like some other companies that screwed up with their past design and now try their luck with a new company and new products and call it a concept.
  • We are not like some other companies that never saw a race track from inside the car but advising others what should be done on your car to make it better and faster.
  • But most importantly we are not like some other companies which are playing with customers life by installing “something” on a high-speed supercar and hope nothing bad will happened. I remember that our enigeers and me as well have to study Aerodynamics for years to be able to find out how to improve something for what GM or other manufacturers have years to design and test.



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