Thursday, 26 December 2013

Does the Alfa Romeo 4C Really Sound that Bad?

YouTube uploader Marchettino recently posted a video showing the sexy rear end of an Alfa Romeo 4C, accompanied by the raspy note of its four-cylinder power plant that you either like or you don’t.

It’s definitely not one of the car’s strong points, that’s for sure, but then again, it’s hard to make a four-pot sound good these days, so I was kind of expecting it to be better…

It’s not the worst four-cylinder I’ve heard, but for some reason it doesn’t excite enough, at least not according to those who have had the chance to drive one. Alfa Romeo has made some great sounding V6 engines over the years, and one of those in naturally-aspirated form would have complimented the typically Italian styling well.

So, what do you think: is the sound made by the 4C bad enough to make it a deal breaker, given its price tag and prospective rivals? The comments section lies below.

By Andrei Nedelea


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