Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Audi Trademarks SQ2, SQ4, Q9 and f-tron Names

You’ve probably heard that Audi is planning to launch 11 new models in the following years, and now we have an idea of what these models will be. A series of recent Audi trademark registrations and applications discovered by British magazine Autocar suggests that most of these new models will be crossovers.

For instance, Audi registered the “SQ2” name, which hints at a high-performance version of an upcoming compact SUV that could be called the Q2. If you’re wondering what will the Q2 look like, Audi’s 2012 Crosslane Coupé concept (pictured) may offer an idea.

Audi has also trademarked the “SQ4” moniker, which would designate a high-performance variant of the upcoming Q4, said to be a rival for the Range Rover Evoque. There’s even an application for the “Q9” nameplate, which could hint at a large luxury crossover that would sit above the Q7 in Audi’s range. Whether there will also be a Q8, remains to be seen.

The “f-tron” name has also been trademarked by Audi, hinting at a possible fuel cell-powered production model. The f-tron would add to existing e-tron and g-tron models, which designate electric/hybrid vehicles and natural gas vehicles, respectively.

The fact that Audi applied for these names doesn’t necessarily mean they will all be used on production models, as carmakers sometimes apply for trademarks to protect their intellectual property. Audi didn’t comment on the trademark applications and registrations.

By Dan Mihalascu



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