Monday, 30 December 2013

DMC's New Lamborghini Aventador LP988 Edizione GT Teased

These teasers of a menacing-looking Lamborghini Aventador coupe dressed in a racy black outfit come to us courtesy of German sports- and luxury-car tuner DMC, which has prepared a new package for the Italian supercar under the "LP988 Edizione GT" moniker.

While very few details have been released about DMC's third tuning project for the Aventador after the Molto Veloce (Stage 1) and Limited Edition SV (Stage 2), there's more to the moniker than simply numbers, as the aftermarket firm's naming system usually refers to output figures.

Therefore, the LP988 should correspond to 988PS or 975hp, up from the stock model's 700PS or 690hp.

Besides the performance tune for the Lamborghini's V12, DMC has designed a new lightweight carbon fiber aero package, complete with a huge rear wing and a different set of wheels and tires, with the photos also suggesting the existence of interior modifications such as the Alcantara (?) sport seats.



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