Thursday, 26 December 2013

Daihatsu Prepares New Custom Kopen Concepts for Tokyo Auto Salon

Much in the same way it did at the recent Tokyo Motor Show where it presented three different custom versions of the near-production Kopen Concept, including the RMZ roadsters and the ΧΜΖ crossover convertible, Daihatsu will be bringing another trio of Kopen models to Japan's biggest aftermarket and styling show, the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January.

Named the RM1, RM2 and XM1, these fresh concepts are for a regular looking edition of the hardtop roadster, a track special and a slightly taller-riding crossover version with protective cladding, respectively.

Daihatsu didn't say if these latest concepts sport any other changes under the body - in fact, it didn't say anything specific about the lightweight roadsters, so we don't know if any of these individualization options will materialize when the production Kopen comes into the light within the next year.



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