Thursday, 26 December 2013

New BMW M4 Spotted in the Wild in Silverstone Finish

BMW chose to launch the all-new M4 coupe in the same shade of light yellowish gold that made the E46 M3 such a standout car back in the day. It’s a nice color but, at least for me, it would not be near the top of the choices list for this particular vehicle.

It’s still a really new model so there are hardly any out on the road yet (even standard 4-Series are still rare), so this Silverstone Metallic one snapped up by reader Sebastian for Bimmertoday, shows an alternative hue.

If you ask me, the color itself is okay, but it’s still not a top choice for the car, especially on such a dim and overcast day like the one it was photographed on, and not with the darker contrasting wheels.

The beige leather interior with no wood trim does redeem it a bit, though.

Scroll down and check it out after the virtual jump, where the gallery awaits.

By Andrei Nedelea

Photos via Bimmertoday



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