Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Honda Lays Down Its Auto and Moto Goods for 2014 Tokyo Salon

Just before the automotive world turns its attention to the Detroit Auto Show on January 13, Japan will host the annual Tokyo Auto Salon 2014, one of the top performance and styling events in the industry. Honda will attend the show with a diverse lineup of modified and special edition automobiles and motorcycles.

Honda's parade of vehicles will include custom versions of its two latest models, the Vezel small crossover that's set for launch in North America next year and in Europe from 2015, and the new generation of the Fit (called Jazz across the pond and elsewhere).

Another noteworthy model is the sported-up, N-One Modulo Concept based on Honda's JDM retro-inspired city car, which in our eyes, looks like a Japanese Fiat 500 Abarth proposal.

While Honda did not go into details about its cars and motorcycles, it did release a list of the entire range, which you can read below.


[From Honda PR]



VEZEL Modulo Concept, which further pursues a sense of high quality and sportiness of the new VEZEL, which went on sale in Japan on December 20, 2013 as a new vehicle that belongs to a new category of automobiles that fuses together multifaceted values at a high level.


MUGEN  VEZEL CONCEPT, a VEZEL-based concept model by MUGEN.


N-WGN Macaron Color Collection, which presents a “sweet spot” based on the N-WGN, the newest addition to N Series.


N-ONE Modulo Concept, for which Honda pays close attention to the details and realizes the ultimate fun of driving.


N-BOX + ELEMENT Concept, which was developed in the motif of “trail shoes” which can be used actively in urban areas as well as in casual outdoor activities.


Accessorized vehicles including FIT Special Customize, MUGEN FIT RS, MUGEN Odyssey Absolute, and others.




GOLDWING F6C, which was exhibited at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show in November this year.


CBR1000RR SP, which was exhibited at EICMA 2013 (Milan Show).


A customized concept model of the GROM, which was designed through collaboration with the Ninja Turtles, characters from a popular American cartoon.


Other customized models including the accessorized Little Cub 55th Anniversary Special.




RC213V, with which Honda won triple crown - rider's, team and constructor championships - in the 2013 MotoGP class, the highest summit of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix.


CR-Z GT, with which Honda won the driver's and team championships in the GT300 class of the Super GT Series.


SF13, with which Honda won the driver's championship in the 2013 Japanese Championship Super Formula.


Four racing machines which will be used in the N-ONE One-make Race starting in 2014.



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