Monday, 6 January 2014

1986 BMW 325es with Only 11,700 Miles for Sale

It's not the most desirable non-M3 version of BMW's E30 3-Series (I'd say that distinction would go to the 320iS and the 325i M Sport facelift models), but with only 11,736 miles or 18,883 km on the odometer, this 1986 BMW 325es should capture the interest of U.S. fans of the model.

The 325es (the 's' stands for the sport package) comes with a 2.7-liter straight-six gasoline engine with 120hp at 4,250rpm and 230 Nm (170 lb·ft) at 3,250rpm that was geared more towards fuel economy than performance compared to the smaller displacement, but higher output, 2.5-liter unit of the 325i with 168hp at 5,800rpm and 222 Nm (164 lb·ft) at 4,300rpm.

This example is fitted with a 4-speed automatic and comes with front and rear spoilers, M pin stripes, plus sport seats and steering wheel.

The eBay seller states:

“This car is a true beauty and 11,000 miles makes it the RAREST e30 in the country. Some minor scratches in the paint, 2 minor dings on the hood, bumper has a few minor scratches, undercarrage is 100% rust free and looks brand new, interior looks absolutely gorgeous, vinyl is in amazing condition looks brand new! Dash does have 2 cracks in it, comes with a new dash crack free.”

Last we checked, the highest bid was US$5,600, but the reserve had not been met.



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