Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2001 Acura NSX-T with a Mere 3,000 Miles will Make You Drool

Even if the Acura NSX (sold as a Honda outside of North America and Hong Kong) remained in production for a solid 15 years, we're rapidly approaching the 10 year mark since the last cars rolled off the assembly line at the end of 2005, so it's getting harder and harder to find unmolested and low mileage examples.

The odometer on this yellow 2001 NSX-T we discovered on eBay (it's listed as a 1991, but we double-checked the VIN and it's a 2001) shows a mere 3,081 miles (4,957 kilometers).

From the pictures, the car looks almost like it left the factory in the beginning of the previous decade, and the only changes made to the targa-top model from its two previous owners are the HRE alloy wheels and a high performance sound system with a custom-built speaker mounted behind the seats.

The 'Buy it Now' price for Acura's most famous sports model on eBay is $73,900 (equal to €54,300).



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