Monday, 13 January 2014

All-New 2015 F-150 and Mustang Share the Limelight at Ford's Detroit Motor Show Booth

Ford rolled out the successors to two of the most important nameplates in its portfolio at the Detroit auto show today, the 2015MY F-150 pickup truck and the 2015MY Mustang. The former is the Blue Oval's bestseller in the United States for the past 37 years, and the latter is the brand's most famous car worldwide.

Starting with the F-150, the new model carries over many of the design and tech features seen on last year's Atlas concept. Ford says that while it's bigger and tougher than ever, the new model is also 700lbs (~320 kg) lighter and more fuel efficient thanks to the use of lightweight materials, including a high-strength aluminum-alloy body.

The new Mustang needs no introduction as Ford made sure we knew most things about the sixth generation of its sports car series several weeks before the Detroit event.

Also on display is a very different Ford from another era, yet with a familiar pony emblem positioned on its fenders and front and rear ends, the 1 Concept.


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