Friday, 3 January 2014

BASE Jumping on Bolivia's Death Road on Friday the 13th; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Using a bicycle to complete a B.A.S.E. (according to Wiki, it's an acronym that "stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: building, antenna, span, and Earth") jump off a man-built ramp situated near a cliff sounds like an awesome idea in theory, but not so much in reality…

Add to the mix the location known as Bolivia's Death Road, the date Friday the 13th, and the inherit risk of a miscalculation, and you have the perfect storm brewing.

All those ingredients were present during a BASE jump performed by a member of the 'Viteza si Adrenalina' team, who described the act as a "fairly stupid idea gone mildly wrong", adding the following quote:

"Unfortunately the jump didn't go quite as well as planned as you will see in the video, however I am pleased to report that owing to all the advance rescue and medical support preparations GravityBolivia were able to extract the "crasher" quickly and he suffered only minor injuries, specifically as he puts it: "a broken arse, fractures in his forearm, and cut tendons in his knee".

Video can be found below the…jump.


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