Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bugatti Belt Buckle is so Expensive at $84,000 that it's…Stupid

A belt buckle has one single task that it can achieve by means of a metallic protrusion, a few holes, and a strap to keep the excess from flapping about. However, Bugatti has now launched one that basically does the same thing, but in a more complicated way, and it wants $84,000 or €61,100 for it.

They ask for this ludicrous amount because the buckle was made by Geneva-based bespoke watch-maker Roland Iten. A total of 44 are planned, of which 11 have already been completed – they feature white gold detailing which will differentiate them from the following series of 11 which will use rose gold and then something else.

Yes, it’s a precision instrument that lets you perfectly tighten your belt, employing 100 hand crafted components made out of the finest metals, but it’s by no means a value proposition, even for the one percent of one percent who can realistically think of buying it.

For me, it’s just another useless piece of automotive branded paraphernalia which uses a resounding name like Ettore’s to reach deep into your pocket.

By Andrei Nedelea



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