Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cadillac Goes Wreath-Less, New Emblem to Start Appearing on Cars Later This Year; Do You Like It?

You can officially wave goodbye to Cadillac's laurel wreath, as following the introduction of the ATS Coupe, which is the brand's first production model to wear the revised crest, GM's luxury brand will begin fitting its cars with the new emblem in the second half of 2014.

Cadillac is no stranger to different evolutions of its crest that was originally conceived as the coat of arms for 18th-century explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who founded Detroit in 1701 and loaned his name to the automaker. In the company's 112 year-old history, there have been 38 iterations of the crest, with and without the laurel wreath.

Cadillac, which previewed the new crest on the Elmiraj Concept last year, says the sleeker and more streamlined emblem is a better fit to the brand's modern image and design.

“The Crest remains a consistent symbol of Cadillac and our core values,” said Andrew Smith, Cadillac executive design director. “This new Crest matches the lower, longer, leaner mantra of our current car designs, and reflects the evolution of our Art and Science philosophy.”

“Our goal was to evolve the emblem design to integrate with the new vehicle form while maintaining the core graphic elements that preserve its strong brand recognition,” Smith said. “This resulted in retaining the iconic ‘crest’ shape and color palette with geometric grid from the original Cadillac family ‘coat of arms.’”

The last time Cadillac revised its logo was 15 years ago in 1999.


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