Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Ferrari FF Hits Ford C-MAX Taxi Then Fence in Boston

Regardless of where the blame lies – be that the freezing conditions in Massachusetts, the driver of the Ferrari and/or the other car reportedly involved in the accident with the gunmetal FF seen in the above photo, a crashed Ferrari is never a pretty sight.

Here's all that we know about the incident at this time, courtesy of Wreckedexotics: "Ferrari FF collided with a Ford C-Max taxi last night in Boston. Witnesses say the Ferrari was making a lot of noise shortly before the crash."

You never know, but given how expensive it is to fix luxury cars in general, let alone special Italian exotics, and looking at the damages the supercar sustained, we would say that this Ferrari FF is either toast or an insurance write off.

- Do you have more information on the crash? Send us an email or tell us in the comments and we'll update this post.

Photo Credits: Wreckedexotics



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