Thursday, 2 January 2014

Heartbreaking Story of Small Pup Refusing to Leave His Dead Friend on Chinese Road

A word of caution: some readers may find the images in the following video disturbing

You don't need a scientist or a research paper to tell you that canines have emotions just like humans; just take a look at this footage shot on a road in the Chinese city of Yinchuan on December 22.

The white dog had been struck by an oncoming vehicle and was lying dead on the road, but his small canine friend refused to leave his side. Chinese media reported that the light brown dog stayed next to his friend throughout the night, despite freezing temperatures of around -13 degrees Celsius or 8 Fahrenheit.

Local citizens placed a small stool next to the dogs to warn other drivers before they decided to step in to take the dead pup and burry it in a nearby park.


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