Friday, 10 January 2014

Insecure BMW Tries to Sell Us the i8 Hybrid on Looks and Performance

The i8 is a strange car for BMW in that it’s a hybrid and mid-engined, yet it also promises to offer the same qualities that buyers of their cars expect, like sports car performance and looks, plus a dash of the futuristic. All of that with claimed low fuel bills.

However, BMW has seemed insecure about both it and the i3 ever since they were revealed, and all their literature and videos put out have been kind of aggressive in bringing the message that it is a real sports car that looks good across to the audience. It just happens to also be efficient and a hybrid…

The two videos posted below are no exceptions and in the one about performance, it (the i8) gets personified as a she.

Also, they chose a black car  that’s not all that well lit for this presentation, in order to hide the weird shapes that immediately pop out on white examples

Scroll down and expect facts, figures and epithets to be thrown your way, in the hopes that you’re one of the people who really do want to spend all that money on an i8. It even has a flashy key if you’re still not bent on sealing the deal.

By Andrei Nedelea


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