Monday, 13 January 2014

New Nissan Sport Sedan Concept May be the Maxima You Want, But Will You Get It? [w/Video]

The new Nissan Sport Sedan Concept is one of the most impressive world premieres at the 2014 Detroit motor show, and while we are aware of the first question that will come to mind upon seeing the pictures – whether it previews the next generation Maxima, we can't give you a straight answer (yet), and we'll explain why.

Nissan never mentioned the word "Maxima" in the press blurb, but it does say that the study applies "real sports car performance standards and new design philosophies to a 4-door sedan", and that it "previews a future production vehicle intended for owners with a passion for cutting-edge design and driving dynamics".

It's also very close in dimensions to the current Maxima at 191.7 in. (4,870 mm) long, 75.3 in. (1,912 mm) wide, 54.3 in. (1,378 mm) tall, with a wheelbase of 111.2 in. (2,825 mm) – to be precise, it's a hair bigger in all directions but height.

All told, and unless Nissan has plans for a second big sedan with a sportier orientation, we think that the concept either very loosely or directly hints at the Maxima's replacement – hopefully, it's the former.

Besides talking plenty about the design, Nissan mentions that the study comes with a retuned version of its 3.5-liter V6 producing more than 300-horses backed by a sport-tuned Xtronic CVT driving the front wheels (21-inch all around), and that the car "features an innovative suspension layout with performance dampers".

Have a look at the photos below and give us your impressions of the concept in the comments.




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