Thursday, 9 January 2014

Not Even Digital NISMO Treatment is Enough to Spice Up Nissan Note

The first generation of the Note was literally a box on wheels that you’d only have bought for practical or monetary reasons. Now Nissan has added some curves to the replacement model bearing the same name, though, it retains the same overall aesthetic presence.

Not even the conceptual NISMO version dreamt up by digital photo manipulator X-Tomi is enough to make it fit for an enthusiast, but it is an improvement.

Seen from both the front and rear three-quarter views below, the Note NISMO gets low and sporty bumpers and side skirts, large rims and lots of red detailing – there’s even a diffuser with an integrated exhaust at the back. However, the rear still looks a bit empty and would have warranted some kind of roof-mounted spoiler, a bit smaller than the one available on this tuned example.

Nissan should take a good look at this rendering, and since they made a NISMO version out of a crossover (the Juke), it would not be that big of a departure if they did the same with the uninspiring new Note, maybe make it more desirable by plopping this sporty model at the top of the range.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: X-Tomi



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