Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Porsche Puts New Macan on Display at Harrods in London

Aston Martin has done it with the short-lived and not-much loved Cygnet, and so has Hyundai with the iX35 and Mini with the Rolls-Royce inspired Goodwood hatch, just to mention a few automakers that have placed their rides behind a window in London's luxury department store Harrods. Now it's Porsche's turn.

The German sports car maker rented a front window from January 6 to February 5, 2014, display to showcase the new Macan crossover to Londoners and tourists alike before it goes on sale this April.

While the Macan takes up the main exhibit, Porsche also brought along the latest 911 Turbo S and the Panamera SE Hybrid to keep it company.

Porsche's official video of the display follows below.


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