Thursday, 2 January 2014

Study Ranks US States by their Worst Drivers

If you’ve had contradictory discussions or thoughts as to which of the US’ fifty stars spangling its flag shone least when it came to the quality of its drivers, well there’s a study that tries to end the debate…by stirring it with a hefty wooden spoon.

USA Today quotes Car Insurance Comparison’s (CIC) data in regards to the matter, as it compiles fatality rates per 100 million miles traveled, failure to obey traffic signals and/or seat belt regulations, drunk driving, ticketing frequency and careless driving offenses.

We wont’ keep you waiting and just come out and say it: Louisiana was found the have the poorest average quality of drivers this year, a distinction they apparently gained in 2012 too, so this makes it two in a row for them.

Next up, coming a very close second in overall score, surpassing the hurricane-ridden state is South Carolina, though it and third placed Mississippi boast more average fatalities than the number one state in the rankings.

The safest overall driving environments, in this context, and within the specified constraints and in reverse order from the bottom of the list, which could very well be the bottom are: Vermont, Utah and New Hampshire.

If your state of residence (or choice) was somewhere in the middle, then you can see exactly where it landed by scrolling down to after the virtual jump for the full, detailed list.

By Andrei Nedelea


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