Friday, 3 January 2014

This is What Forgiato and KH Want to do to the New 2015 Mustang

One of the great things with popular cars like Ford's Mustang series is that there will always be an abundance of aftermarket choices to individualize the appearance and customize the performance specifications to your personal likings.

In fact, although we're many months away from the 2015 Mustang's launch date that's scheduled for late this year, a number of tuners have already churned out their proposals without even having a physical car in their hands.

Forgiato Wheels and Kris Horton (KH) of CarsbyKris are one of them, releasing a pair of renderings showing Ford's modernized pony car with a wide body kit boasting bloated front and rear fenders, a new front bumper with a protruding lip spoiler, a duck-tail boot, side skirts and, of course, a new set of rims.



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