Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wrong-Way Elderly Driver Narrowly Averts Multiple Collisions in NY

There are many things to be afraid of on a highway, but perhaps nothing is more terrifying than the unexpected appearance of a car driving the wrong way, which is what happened on Monday morning at the New York State Thruway.

Joseph Dorcerly, 80, was filmed by a YouTube user from the opposite side of the highway driving head on to traffic with drivers maneuvering around him.

While the person recording the clip ran out of power on his device, he did capture the moment that a police cruiser appeared. Wetchester News reported that the elderly man was eventually stopped after driving for approximately 8 miles on the Thruway.

As it turns out, Dorcerly, suffers from the early stages of dementia and wasn't allowed to drive by himself for months, but in the early morning hours of Monday, he was able to borrow a relative's car to drop his wife off at church and then lost his way.


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