Friday, 20 December 2013

Automated Wash Damages Classic Car, Owner Eventually Finds Justice

Taking your carefully restored classic car for a clean at an automated car was is by no means a good idea, especially if you have delicate chromed mirrors, or other details that were not designed to withstand the crushing force of the brushes.

Even worse, if your vehicle is of an unusual shape, like say a vintage VW Beetle, then the brushes could snag and damage the bodywork. That’s what happened Juan Bermudez from California, as he took his 1974 Bug through the Quick Quack Car Wash in Citrus Heights.

Apparently, one of the brushes was caught in the protruding rear bumper and scraped off some paint. Upon discovery, the owner called for damages to be paid and asked for the security camera footage taken during the wash.

At first, he was denied both, but after involving the press and asking for legal advice, he got a call from Quick Quack that confirmed they were going to cover the severely scraped rear bumper, after having hidden behind their disclaimer that absolved them of any responsibility for cars more than five years old.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Aol-Autos


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