Thursday, 19 December 2013

Chuck Norris Shows Jean-Claude Van Damme A Thing or Two About Splits

Our love and admiration for Chuck Norris here at Carscoops is a well-documented fact; hell, we even devised an entire entity named after our childhood hero who can do just about anything; from making onions cry to scoring a touchdown in a basketball game.

Recently, Volvo hired another big action movie star from the past, Jean-Claude Van Damme, who performed an epic split on two moving trucks. Naturally, the 73-year-old "Walker, Texas Ranger" couldn't leave this unanswered – well, at least his numerous fans couldn't…

The creative minds at Hungarian animation company  Delov Digital came up with a response in the form of a virtual video showing Norris upping/spoofing Van Damme's split by stepping on the wings of two jumbo jets flying in the air…with 11 soldiers standing on his head forming a human Christmas tree! Now that's the definition of epic…

Watch the video below.


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