Friday, 20 December 2013

Cuba to Lift Restriction on Auto Imports, Finally…

Cuba is definitely one of the top places to visit around the world, especially for car people who will undoubtedly find the Lada-powered American classics from the 1950s a real treat.

However, it wasn’t by choice that the Cubans used the old Yank tanks and Russian Fiat 131s as their only means to get around, but rather because of the monopoly imposed by the government on the sale and import of cars.

All who want to get in on the act in Cuba need an “authorization card.”

Now, though, that may all change, according to The Washington Post quoting AP. Apparently, local officials had already lifted restrictions on second-hand sales two years ago, yet there had been no word as to the fate of imports.

“It’s become clear that while private sales of cars between individuals has developed smoothly, the sale of cars using ‘authorization cards’ has been inadequate and obsolete,” reported Granma, the Party newspaper, adding that “the card, apart from being overly bureaucratic, became a source of speculation and illicit self-enrichment.”

Following that statement, another one came out: “steps will be taken to eliminate restrictions that lost their reason for being with the passage of time. Administrative shackles that created opportunities for illegal activity will also disappear.”

We will let you know how this develops further.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Authorselectric


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