Friday, 20 December 2013

No Christmas Spirit for Grumpy Old Boston Man who Blocks Bicyclist [NSFW Swearing]

I've been living in Boston for a few years, but I must say that, local accents never get old (you know, cah pahk for car park)– especially when someone's swearing behind the wheel, and there's plenty of that going around in this video footage from the helmet camera of a bicycle rider on Commonwealth Avenue.

The rider approaches a Lincoln LS sedan that's blocking the lane and tries to squeeze through, when the driver opens his window and remembers his younger days as a sailor…

While the roads are covered in snow, and unless I'm hugely mistaken, I recall that there is a bike lane there and this report from supports that.

I'll agree with Jalopnik that the best line of the video was when the rider told the grumpy old man, "You're going on YouTube, my friend."

He also wrote this under the description box of his YouTube video:

"Asshole driver thought that bike lanes magically disappear when it snows and that I should ride on the sidewalk instead. I have no idea why he was so far over into the bike lane, he had plenty of room on the other side."

Go ahead and watch the clip, but just keep in mind that swear words are flying left and right.

By John Halas


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