Thursday, 19 December 2013

This is What '90s Singer Bryan Adams Would do to an Opel Adam

Opel tells us that Canadian-born singer/songwriter Bryan Adams whose career certainly peaked way before he had to fly to Kathmandu, Nepal to get kudos, is also a respected photographer, it seems.

Undoubtedly an interesting fact in and of itself, but what’s more eye-catching is that now he’s also entered a creative partnership with them that has thus far resulted in this customized Adam city car, shot artistically from multiple angles.

The lovely set of photos can be found after the virtual jump, which you can cross by scrolling down. Once you do, you’ll see that the mini-MINI-DS3 (attempt) proudly wearing camouflage and its country’s colors to reinforce its image, and at one point even has the nice model in suitably skintight clothing stand in front of it and cover most of it up.

Granted, even then, the lively livery shows through...

Mr. Adams went to all the trouble to make the Adam look cool for a calendar that will be on display at an event planned for early next year at the Haus der Kunst museum, located in Munich.

There, it will have a light shone on it for three days between January 23 and 26, by which time, they will have realized that a car won’t sell well in a sustained manner unless it has substance and identity; a big turbo might fix that, though.

No amount of silly marketing glitter will make it fly out of showrooms faster (aside from the aforementioned means of forced induction, of course).

By Andrei Nedelea


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