Friday, 3 January 2014

Is Porsche Preparing Us for a 911 Off-Road Concept with this Video?

Shortly after rumors emerged about Porsche preparing a 911 Safari concept for the Beijing Auto Show, the sports car manufacturer has released a video that covers the 911’s off-road exploits.

Called “Porsche 911’s Alter Ego”, the video features seven-time Pikes Peak champion Jeff Zwart talking about the other side of the 911’s personality – rallying and off-roading.

The video includes footage from Zwart’s Pikes Peak runs in a 911, as well as him driving the Porsche Museum’s Paris-Dakar winning Type 953, which is the all-wheel-drive 911 precursor to the 959 supercar.

So why is Porsche showing this now? They could be simply reminiscing about the Porsche 911’s off-road adventures, but knowing that the Germans don’t usually do random things, the video may be a part of the build-up to the rumored 911 Safari concept.

We’ll see if that’s the case in April, when the Beijing Auto Show opens its gates.

By Dan Mihalascu


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