Friday, 3 January 2014

Tiff Needell Helps EVO See Difference between Virtual and Reality in an Audi R8

So if you were wondering just how close to real the physics engine running Forza 5 is, EVO did a comparative test to determine just that. In doing so they required an Xbox One and one going by the name of Tiff Needell, of British TV fame. He also happens to be a fan of the car chosen for the test, an Audi R8 V10, which he drives to the best of his abilities.

At the virtual end of the spectrum, the magazine employed the services of in-house editor, and wearer of big sideburns, Henry Catchpole to try and get to grips with the polygon-based R8.

The track chosen for the compare was Silverstone, as it was a track familiar to both.

In the end, the conclusion was that while the game is realistic (to a degree, of course), in the case of the R8, it simply cannot simulate its intricacies of its behavior to the extent of it mimicking the real car. For instance, on the day of filming, the track was damp and Tiff’s run was blunted by excessive understeer around some corners – if the track had been dry, the car would have simply remained planted around all corners and maybe pushed its back out when on the throttle too quickly; that’s the only behavior it knows how to exhibit in-game.

Check out the full video below for the complete picture!

By Andrei Nedelea


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