Monday, 6 January 2014

There May be a Video of Schumacher’s Skiing Accident – Prosecutor Looking to Obtain It

As Michael Schumacher, who just turned 45, continues to lie in the coma induced to protect his brain cells from degrading, an entire press phenomenon has been created around his unfortunate skiing accident.

After we heard of a member of the press dressing up as a…priest to try and gain access to the F1 champ’s room, another twist in the story has been added: allegedly, there’s a mobile phone video of the very moment he crashed, and now the French prosecutors working to find out what happened are determined to get their hands on it.

German publication Der Spiegel says it was contacted on Sunday by a man who claimed to be in possession of said footage; he apparently caught Schumi’s fall as he was filming his girlfriend come down the slope, in the resort of Meribel, in the French Alps.

Meanwhile, for the fans waiting outside of the hospital where he is currently being held, there is no additional news. He is still stable yet in critical condition, as it’s been put by most of the press, quoting the doctors. However, that’s basically the doctors being evasive and doesn’t really mean anything. So far, he’s been operated on twice to remove blood clots from his brain.

The doctors have decreed, though, that they will speak again via an organized press conference when they have notable developments to report – hopefully, they will be of the good kind.

By Andrei Nedelea


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